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The stress of moving can be minimized by organization. Mastering the art of organization will ensure a smooth move combined with a trouble free transition.

Get Organized
Know what you want to do, when you want to do it, and how you are going to accomplish it. This is the best way to get yourself ready for a move. Use a list and check it twice. You can never be too prepared. You will inevitably forget something, but we can help you keep it to a minimum.

Get a Mover
Whether you are moving across town or across the country, moving yourself, or are having a company do it for you, you need to know:
• Do a complete inventory of all of your belongings.
• Separate all of your valuables.

If you are moving yourself:
• It is never too early to start collecting boxes and packing material.
• Line up a reliable truck for moving.
• Pack as much as you can before the move.
• Label the boxes clearly.
• Get your friends ready for the big day.

If you want to hire a mover.
• Get at least three estimates.
• Check references and reputation.
• Compare their insurance for breakables and lost items.
• Keep all of your important records with you.
• Keep all of your jewelry with you.
• On moving day, observe and view, but stay out of the way.

Obtain Records
Your records are what identify you and allow you the freedom to move. Important records and documents you should have with you:
• Birth Certificates and Passports.
• Identification cards and drivers licenses.
• Medical records and health insurance cards.
• School records for children.
• Records for your pets.
• Check book and bank cards.
• Insurance policies.
• Stock, bonds and other related items.
Keep any record or document that you think is important. Keep them in a secure place and somewhere you can remember. Also make sure that you have easy access to these documents.

Cancel Services
• Electric
• Gas
• Water
• Trash
• Telephone
• Cable TV
• Landscaping
• Newspaper
• Local Internet services
• Health club memberships
• Cleaning services

Give your forwarding address to the Post office for:
• Family and Friends.
• Magazines.
• Credit Card companies.
• Insurance companies.
• Whoever else may want to find you.
Moving out of town:
• Transfer Checking and Savings accounts.

Pass the Key
It is time to leave the home that has given you so many memories. Make sure that you leave you home in a clean condition for the new owners. Cleaning the home will help you see if there is anything that you may have forgotten. Pay particular attention to the closets, cabinets, and drawers. Leave any instructions to the appliances and mechanical systems. Take one more walk through for your final inspection, and leave the home for the new owners.

New Home
Your new home should be ready for you to move in.
Make sure you have all of the utilities hooked up:
• Electric
• Gas
• Water
• Trash
• Telephone
If you were looking at making any changes, now is the time to do them. From:
• New carpets.
• New floors.
• New paint.
• New cabinets, (kitchen and bathroom).
• Remodeling projects.
Make an inspection of your new home to asses any areas that might need attention. Do a complete cleaning. Prepare your home for moving in.

On move in day, have yourself organized. Know where you want things to go. Have a layout of the house to help assist with the move. One person should direct as items are moved into the house. Big items should be put in the general area, and arranged later. Boxes should not be unpacked until the move in is complete. Opened boxes and packing materials should be moved out of the house to make more room. Take a complete inventory to see if any items are missing. It will be a long day, so make sure that you start in the bedroom. This will give you place to sleep and start the next day refreshed.

Arrange for new services:
• Cable TV.
• Landscaping.
• Newspaper.
• Cleaning services.
• Obtain new driver’s license.
• Change Internet providers.
• Register to vote.
• Register at your new place of worship.
If you are out-of-town:
• Transfer Checking and Savings accounts.
• Notify the Post Office of your new address.
• Transfer medical records.
• Register children in school.
• Register automobiles.

Welcome Home
It is time for you to relax and start new memories in your new home. The lights are on, the grass has been cut, and the trash has been thrown away. You have worked hard to take this house and make it your home.
Sit back and enjoy your new home!

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